European Policy and IP : History and Economics

Paris Dauphine University, Paris, France, 
1- 2 october 2004

IMRI (Institute for the Management of the Research and Innovation) at the University of Paris Dauphine, announces the fourth of the six conferences organized by the EPIP consortium and invites interested researchers to attend and submit papers(*) for presentation.

This Conference will emphasize four important aspects of the EPIP research agenda:

  • The history of intellectual property rights;
  • The relationships between the extension of patent to new fields and the provision of public services (health, (higher) education);
  • European IP policy;
  • Droits d'auteur and copyrights: historical evolution and current issues.

Special call for papers : We welcome papers on droit d'auteur and copyright issues ; their historical evolution and current problems. By becoming the right most frequently used by the information technology, culture, media, and data industries, copyright has "entered the corporate world". A lot of new problems derive from such an evolution, involving the fact that copyright and patent have moved closer together, while initially they were far apart, independently covering literary and artistic property rights and industrial property rights, respectively.

Invited Speakers C. Badel (Rennes-II Univ, FR), M. Belfanti (Brescia Univ., IT), A. Bérenger (Paris-IV Univ, FR), P. A. David (Standford University, USA), D. Guellec, (European Patent Office), J.C.Lehmann (St Gobain, FR), V. Marchal (INPI, FR), A. Pompidou (European Patent Office), L. Soete (MERIT, Maastricht Univ., NL)

The registration fee is 160 € for non-EPIP members and 85 € for EPIP members. The registration fee covers participation in all sessions, copies of conference papers, lunches, coffee breaks and a conference dinner on the evening of 1st October 2004. Information regarding fee payments is given on the conference web pages. Researchers interested in attending the conference should register prior to 06th September 2004. (registration form on the website) The deadline for paper submissions is 16th July 2004 ; Decisions on paper presentations will be made no later than 30th july 2004. Submissions (2 pages abstract, english language) can be sent to stephanie.pitoun@dauphine.fr

Research project funded by the European Commission within the Specific Programme " Improving the Human Research Potential and the Socio-economic Knowledge Base" (N° contract : HPSE-CT-2002-60053)