5th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association

Maastricht, the Netherlands
September 20-21, 2010


The EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) association will hold its 5th Annual Conference on September 20-21, 2010 in Maastricht (the Netherlands). Scholars and practitioners interested in the economic, legal and management aspects of intellectual property rights are encouraged to attend the conference with or without paper presentation.

As for the previous conferences (Munich, Lund, Berne and Bologna), the 2010 EPIP Annual Conference will address topics of general interest in the area of IP (intellectual property), such as:

  1. The governance of IPR systems
  2. IPR litigation and enforcement
  3. Differences and similarities amongst different types of IP: patents, copyright, trademarks
  4. University patenting
  5. Software patents
  6. Inventors surveys and the economic value of IP
  7. Accounting for IP assets: methodological, managerial and institutional issues
  8. IP exploitation strategies: factors that influence the use and exchange of IP
  9. Cumulative technical change, technical standards and strategic patenting
  10. The impact of IPR on competition and innovation
  11. Antecedents and consequences of a rising IP enforcement subject matters like biotechnology, software, and business methods
  12. IP, open innovation and the emergence of new business models
  13. IP and entrepreneurship: does a strong IP regime spur or hamper creative destruction and new entry?
  14. IP and the finance for innovation: what is the signalling value of patents and other IP to financial institutions?
  15. Evolution of the national and transnational IPR regime, and the implications for technology transfer across regions

This year an emphasis will be given to the issues of IPR and development and open source. Papers addressing the challenges encountered by developing countries in the context of the TRIPS (trade related aspects of intellectual property rights) agreement, the protection of traditional knowledge, the issues of IPR and health and access to knowledge in developing countries, and the challenging view of the open source alternative to IPR will be particularly welcome.

Invited Speakers:

Tony Clayton, Intellectual Property Office, London
Iain Cockburn, Boston University
Stuart Graham, US Patent Office
Joachim HENKEL, Technische Universität München
Anselm KAMPERMAN SANDERS, Maastricht University
Keith MASKUS, University of Colorado
Sadao NAGAOKA, Hitotsubashi University
Mark SCHANKERMAN, London School of Economics
Nikolaus THUMM, European Patent Office
John WALSH, Georgia Institute of Technology

Scientific Committee:

Stephan BECHTOLD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Susana BORRÁS, Center for Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark Paul A. DAVID, Stanford University, USATelecom-Paris Tech and Ecole Polytechnique, France
Dominique FORAY, CDM, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland 
Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, Università L. Bocconi, Italy 
Bronwyn H. HALL, University of California at Berkeley, USA, University of Maastricht, Netherlands 
Dietmar HARHOFF, INNO-tec, Ludwig-Maximilians Unversität München, Germany 
Reto M. HILTY, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law; Universities of Munich and Zurich
Peter LOTZ, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
Jacques MAIRESSE, CREST-ENSAE, France and University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Pierre MOHNEN, UNU-MERIT, University of Maastricht, Netherlands 
Geertrui VAN OVERWALLE, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium 
Bruno van POTTELSBERGHE Solvay Business School, Belgium 
Salvatore TORRISI University of Bologna, Italy 
Xavier VENCE, Universidad Santiago de Compostella, Spain
Reinhilde VEUGELERS, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Local Organizing Committee:

Micheline Goedhuys, Bronwyn Hall, Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen, Monique Raedts

Conference Fees

Early bird conference fee → until July 31, 2010150 €

Student fee                  → until July 31, 2010   100 €

Normal conference fee    → after July 31, 2010   180 €

Time Schedule

Deadline for abstract submission  May 30, 2010

Notification of paper acceptanceJune 20, 2010

Opening of registrationJune 20, 2010

End of early bird registrationJuly 31, 2010

End of normal registrationAugust 31, 2010

Full paper submission September 15, 2010

EPIP 2010 Programme


 Monday, 20th September


Reception TS53


Welcome address
Room: Aula TS53


Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, President of EPIP

Pierre MOHNEN, First Vice-President of EPIP and conference organizer


Plenary Session I: Patents and Development
room: Aula TS53
Chair: Pierre MOHNEN (Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT)

Keith MASKUS, University of Colorado 
Patent reforms and export growth in developing countries

Iain COCKBURN, Boston University, Jean LANJOUW and Mark SCHANKERMAN, London School of Economics 
Patents, Price Controls and Access to New Drugs


Coffee Break
Ad Fundum, TS53


Parallel Sessions


Parallel Session 1: IPR and development
Room A 1.22 (TS53) 
Chair: Micheline GOEDHUYS (UNU-MERIT)

Philippe GORRY, Université Montesquieu – Bordeaux IV
Impact of market exclusivity versus IP protection in fostering innovation for rare diseases

Intan M. HAMDAN-LIVRAMENTO and Dominique FORAY, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
TRIPS implementation and use of foreign technologies in developing countries

Geertrui Van OVERWALLE, University of Leuven and University of Tilburg
Policy levers tailoring patent law to biotechnology: Comparing US and European approaches


Parallel Session 2: University patents
Room A 1.23 (TS53)
Chair: Jacques MAIRESSE, (Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT)

Christian HELMERS, University of Oxford
Choose the neighbour before the house: Agglomeration externalities in UK science parks

Dirk CZARNITZKI, K.U. Leuven, Katrin HUSSINGER, Maastricht University and Cédric SCHNEIDER, Copenhagen Business School
The nexus between science and industry: evidence from faculty inventions

Gustavo DALMARCO, Mariana DE FREITAS DEWES, Paulo Antonio ZAWISLAK and Antonio Domingos PADULA, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Universities' intellectual property: path for innovation or patent competition?

Finn VALENTIN and Rasmus Lund JENSEN, Copenhagen Business School
Scientific performance of company scientists and its effects on technology creation - An invention level analysis based on patent and bibliometric data


Parallel Session 3: IP markets and technology commercialization
Room: A 0.24 (TS53)
Chair: Stuart GRAHAM (USPTO)

Adam ANDRZEJEWSKI, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
Live patent auctions and patent value funds: The new intellectual property marketplace

Simon WAKEMAN, European School of Management and Technology, Berlin
More vs. stronger: How the nature of intellectual property protection affects technology commercialization strategy

Roger SVENSSON, Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Do the payment terms affect the survival of externally commercialized patents?

Stuart GRAHAM, USPTO, Christoph GRIMPE, CBS and Georg LICHT, ZEW
Financing innovation: How do high-technology entrepreneurs make use of the patent system?


Spiegelzaal, La Bonbonnière, Achter de Comedie 1, Maastricht


Plenary Session II
Room: Theaterzaal, La Bonbonnière, Achter de Comedie 1, Maastricht

Chair: Dietmar HARHOFF (Ludwig Maximilians-Universität Munich)

Timo FISCHER and Joachim HENKEL, Munich Technical University 
Complements and Substitutes in Value Appropriation – An Empirical Analysis of Patents‘ Interactions

Anselm KAMPERMAN SANDERS, Maastricht University
Intellectual property, standards and competition policy

Mark SCHANKERMAN, London School of Economics
Presentation of a forthcoming book with Josh Lerner "The Comingled Code: Open Source and Economic Development"


15:30-16:00Coffee Break
Room: MENSA, TS53

16:00-17:30Parallel Sessions


Parallel Session 4: Patent law and litigation
Room A 1.22 (TS53)
Chair: Geertrui Van OVERWALLE (University of Leuven and University of Tilburg)

Linda GRATZ, International Max-Planck Research School for Competition and Innovation
Should patent holders be allowed to buy off infringers?

Roohi K. HANDOO and Yoginder HANDOO, Handoo & Handoo, LLP
Scope and applicability of alternative dispute resolution procedures to disputes related to patent law - Is it appropriate?

Stuart GRAHAM, USPTO and Nicolas VAN ZEEBROECK, Université Libre de Bruxelles
A comparative look at patent litigation in Europe

Christine GREENHALGH, Oxford University, Robert PITKETHLY, Oxford University, and Mark ROGERS, Aston University 
Intellectual property enforcement in smaller UK firms


Parallel Session 5: Patents as indicators
Room A 1.23 (TS53)
Chair: Joachim HENKEL (Technical University Munich)

Carolina CASTALDI, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Bart LOS, University of Groningen
Are new 'Silicon Valleys' emerging? The distribution of superstar patents across US States

Antoine DECHEZLEPRETRE, London School of Economics, and Yann MENIERE, MINES Paris Tech
Making patent-based indicators suitable for international comparisons: A family affair

Gaétan de RASSENFOSSE, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Productivity and propensity: The two faces of the R&D-patent relationship


Facilitating IP teaching in Europe: Patent teaching kit and IP curriculum
Giovanna ODDO, European Patent Office
Aula, TS53


EPIP General Assembly
Aula, TS53


Aperitif and Conference Dinner
Restaurant de Livrei, Brusselsestraat 15, 6211 PA Maastricht

Tuesday, 21st  September


Parallel Sessions


Parallel Session 6: Patent quality
Room A 1.22 (TS53)
Chair: Salvatore TORRISI (University of Bologna)

Dirk CZARNITZKI, K.U. Leuven, Katrin HUSSINGER, Maastricht University and Cédric SCHNEIDER, Copenhagen Business School
Wacky patents meet economic indicators

Bruno van POTTELSBERGHE de la POTTERIE, Université Libre de Bruxelles
The quality factor in patent systems

Andrew CHRISTIE, Chris DENT and John LIDDICOAT, University of Melbourne
The practical effect of patent examination: A comparative analysis


Parallel Session 7: Clean technology and open source
Room A.1.23 (TS53)
Chair: Erik BAARK, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Bronwyn HALL, Maastricht University and Christian HELMERS, Oxford University
Innovation in clean/green technology: Can patent commons help?

Menno van der VEEN, TU Delft, Bram de JONGE, Sustainable Development & Food Security Wageningen and Michiel KORTHALS, Wageningen University
Climate change impact fund: IPR and the development of green technologies

Sebastian DERWISCH and Birgit KOPAINSKY, University of Bergen
Using systems analysis to assess the impact of intellectual property rights in innovation systems - the case of biotechnology in agriculture

Julien PÉNIN, Université de Strasbourg
Open source innovation: Towards a generalization of the open source model beyond software


Parallel Session 8: Patents, trademarks, and alternatives
Room A 0.24 (TS53)
Chair: Peter LOTZ (Copenhagen Business School)

Nicola SEARLE, University of St Andrews
The determinants of trade secret intensity: An empirical investigation using evidence from the Economic Espionage Act

Robert PITKETHLY, University of Oxford
Intellectual property awareness amongst UK firms 2006-2010

Lee DAVIS, Copenhagen Business School
Managing trademarks to support innovation

Information, reputation and innovation - do firms profit from the combined use of patents and trademarks


Coffee Break
Ad Fundum, TS53


Plenary Session III: Economics and Research inside Patent Offices 
Aula (TS53)
Chair: Bronwyn HALL, Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT

Stuart GRAHAM, Chief Economist, US Patent and Trademark Office
Nikolaus THUMM, Chief Economist, European Patent Office
Tony CLAYTON, Chief Economist, UK Intellectual Property Office


Ad Fundum, TS53


Plenary Session IV: Inventor Surveys
Room: Aula, TS53

Chair: Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, University of Bocconi

Sadao NAGAOKA, Hitotsubashi University
Exploring the sources of scale and scope advantages in R&D: Some evidence from Japanese Inventor Survey

Taehyun JUNG and John P. WALSH, Georgia Institute of Technology 
What drives strategic patenting? Evidence from the Georgia Tech Inventor Survey

Yee Kyoung KIM, Tae-Kyu RYU and Chan Sik JUNG, Korea Institute of Intellectual Property
Employees' Invention Regulation as Determinants of Patent Quality and Quantity: Findings of Korea's Inventor Survey


Coffee Break
Room: MENSA, TS53

15:30-17:00Parallel Sessions


Parallel Session 9: Internationalization of R&D and patenting
Room: A 1.22 (TS53)
Chair: Kaushalesh LALCenter for Economic and Social Research, Delhi

Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität Munich and Grid THOMA, University of Camerino
Inventor location and the globalization of R&D

Sunil KANWAR, Delhi School of Economics
Overseas R&D and the intellectual property protection that host nations provide

Higher risks for intellectual property loss from international innovation activities? A comparative analysis between firms with international and home-based R&D activities

Nikolaos P. PAPAGEORGIADIS, Uppsala University, and Adam R. CROSS, University of Leeds
The measurement of international intellectual property rights protection and enforcement: A new index of 48 countries


Parallel Session 10: Strategic Patenting 
Room: A 1.23 (TS53)
Chair: Katrin HUSSINGER, Maastricht University

Justus BARON and Henry DELCAMP, Mines Paris Tech
Strategic inputs into patent pools

Paola GIURI and Salvatore TORRISI, University of Bologna
Cross-licensing, cumulative inventions and strategic patenting

Antonio DELLA MALVA and Katrin HUSSINGER, Maastricht University
Corporate science in the patent system: An exploratory analysis of the semiconductor technology

Joachim HENKEL and Florian JELL, Technical University Munich
Patent pending - Why faster isn't always better


End of conference