4th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association

Measuring the value of IPR: theory, business practice and public policy

University of Bologna, Bologna – Italy
September 24-25, 2009

Call for papers

One of the greatest challenges for business practitioners and policy-makers today is to converting ideas and intangible assets into economic wealth, and to translate innovations into higher levels of welfare. In particular, issues of IP (intellectual property) are becoming a key element to management of innovation, given the continuous change and the rising level of knowledge intensity of economic activities.

The conference aims to stimulate the scientific and policy debate on current controversial IP topics, such as the validity of different methods for assessing the value of IP, from patents to trademarks, the obstacles to the development of efficient markets for technologies, the costs of strategic patenting and patent litigation, and IP policy harmonization across countries. These are key issues in the economics and management of IP whose profound understanding still entails much theoretical and empirical work. From this perspective, we aim to stimulate and collect novel theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented works with different approaches, from quantitative to qualitative, in-depth case studies.

Papers are invited on the following themes:

  • Inventors surveys and the economic value of IP
  • Accounting for IP assets: methodological, managerial and institutional issues
  • Differences and similarities amongst different types of IP: patents, copyright, trademarks
  • IP exploitation strategies: factors that influence the use and exchange of IP
  • Cumulative technical change, technical standards and strategic patenting
  • Antecedents and consequences of expanded IP enforcement in subject matters like biotech, software, and business methods
  • IP, open innovation and the emergence of new business models
  • IP and entrepreneurship: does a strong IP regime spur or hamper creative destruction and new entry?
  • IP and the finance for innovation: what is the signalling value of patents and other IP to financial institutions?
  • Evolution of the national and transnational IPR regime, and the implications for technology transfer across regions
  • Legal protection of inventions, and the linkages between innovation policy and competition policy

Instructions for presenters and discussants
1) paper should not exceed 10,000 words, including tables and figures
2) presentation format
- 15 minutes for paper presentation
- 10 minutes for discussant
- 5 minutes for open discussion

Additional information for authors with accepted papers
Each participant will only be allowed to present one paper during the conference. Co-authored papers may be presented by any of the participating co-authors.

Registrations are now open! 

Conference Fees   
Early bird conference fee - until July 10: 150 Euros
Standard conference fee - from July 11 to August 31: 180 Euros

Time Schedule

Opening Call:

March 3, 2009

Deadline for submission of abstracts (max 1200 words):

April 30, 2009

Communication of paper selection:

June 10, 2009

Registration opening

June 10, 2009

End of early bird registration

July 10, 2009

End of standard registration

August 31, 2009

Full paper submission:

September 10, 2009

Scholars, business practitioners, consultants, and policy-makers dealing with intellectual property rights from different economic, legal and managerial perspectives are encouraged to attend the conference with or without paper presentation.

Invited speakers

  • Alison BRIMELOW, EPO, President
  • Bruno CASSIMAN, IESE Business School, Spain
  • Dominique DEBERDT, Chef de l’Observatoire de la Propriété Intellectuelle, INPI, France
  • Michelle GITTELMAN, Rutgers Business School, United States
  • Bronwyn HALL, Univ. of California at Berkeley and Univ. of Maastricht, United States/ The Netherlands
  • Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
  • Keld LAURSEN, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Maria Lillà MONTAGNANI, Università Bocconi, Italy
  • Nikolaus THUMM, Chief Economist, European Patent Office, Germany
  • Reinehilde VEUGELERS, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Scientific committee

  • Susana BORRÁS, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Paul A. DAVID, Stanford University/Telecom-ParisTech and l'Ecole Polytechnique, United States /France
  • Dominique FORAY, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, Bocconi University, Italy
  • Paola GIURI, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Bronwyn H. HALL, University of California at Berkeley/University of Maastricht, United States / The Netherlands
  • Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians Unversität München, Germany
  • Reto M. HILTY, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Universities of Munich and Zurich
  • Peter LOTZ, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Jacques MAIRESSE, CREST-ENSAE/University of Maastricht, France/The Netherlands
  • Pierre MOHNEN, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Federico MUNARI, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Enrico SANTARELLI, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Maurizio SOBRERO, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Salvatore TORRISI, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Xavier VENCE, Universidad Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Reinhilde VEUGELERS, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
  • Bruno VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Solvay Business School, Belgium
  • Gertrui VAN OVERWALLE, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • Bertrand WARUSFEL, Université de Lille II, France 

Alfonso Gambardella, Federico Munari, Salvatore Torrisi

Conference venue:
Aula Prodi - Complesso San Giovanni in Monte

More information
Email: epipconference2009@unibo.it





Room: Prodi



Dominique FORAY– President of EPIP

Alfonso GAMBARDELLA – First Vice-President of EPIP and Conference Organizer

Salvatore Torrisi and Federico Munari – Conference Organizers

Room: Prodi

Plenary session 1

Chair: Salvatore TORRISI, University of Bologna

Plenary session on Collaborative innovation, spillovers and the role of IP strategy

Bruno CASSIMAN, IESE Business School, Spain, The role of collaboration and spillovers in IP strategy

Keld LAURSEN, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Appropriability and the use of external sources of knowledge for innovation
Download paper (pdf)

Michelle Gittelmann, RUTGERS BUSINESS SCHOOL, US, Why go the distance? The geography of markets for technology in bio-pharmaceuticals
Download paper (pdf)


Coffee break



Session A.1
Room: Grande
Chair: Federico MUNARI, University of Bologna 

Licensing, technology tradeand competition

  • P. JENSEN, E. WEBSTER, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia. Do Patents Matter for Commercialization? (discuss: K. HUSSINGER)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • C. GRIMPE, ZEW Centre for European Economic Research, K. HUSSINGER, Maastricht University. Inventions under Siege: The Impact of Technology Competition on Licensing (discuss: E. TARANTINO)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • E. TARANTINO, European University Institute. Inefficient Exclusion in Standard Setting Organizations
    (discuss: E. WEBSTER)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session A.2
Room: Prodi
Chair: Michelle GITTELMANN, Rutgers Business School

Open innovation, collaboration and IPR

  • C. GRIMPE, ZEW Centre for European Economic Research, U. KAISER, University of Zurich. Learning to Collaborate for Technology Development: Firm-level Evidence for Denmark (discuss: I. COCKBURN)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • M. FELDMAN, University of Toronto A. GAMBARDELLA, Bocconi University, D. HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, M. MARIANI, Bocconi University. Geographic knowledge spillovers as evidenced by patent inventor (discuss: C. GRIMPE)
  • A. AGRAWAL, University of Toronto and NBER, I. COCKBURN, Boston University and NBER, C. ROSELL, Government of Canada. Not Invented Here: Creative Myopia and Company Towns (discuss: A. GAMBARDELLA) 
    Download paper (pdf)

Session A.3
Room: Fumagalli
Chair: Keld LAURSEN, CBS

Spillovers, Knowledge transfer and economic development in the shadow of IPR

  • F. MONTOBBIO, CESPRI-KITES Bocconi University, A. PRIMI, CEPAL, V. STERZI, CESPRI-KITES Bocconi University. The impact of the TRIPs Agreement on the International Transfer of Knowledge. (Discuss: M. TEUBAL )
  • M. PUGATCH, University of Haifa, M. TEUBAL, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, O. ZLOTNICK. Israel’s High-Tech Catch-Up Process: The Role Of IPR and Other Policies (discuss N.MATTEUCCI)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • N. MATTEUCCI, Marche Polytechnic University. Open Standards and IPRs in EU: An Economic Assessment (discuss: N. F. MONTOBBIO)





Session B.1
Room: Prodi
Chair:  Reinhilde VEUGELERS, K.U. Leuven

Entrepreneurship and IPR commercialization strategies

  • S.J.H. GRAHAM, R. BARR, R.P. MERGES, P. SAMUELSON, T. SICHELMAN, UC Berkeley Law School. High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey (discuss: F. MUNARI)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • F. VALENTIN, Research Centre On Biotech Business, Copenhagen Busienss School. Patenting Strategies and Valuation of Science-based Start-ups (discuss: S. GRAHAM)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • S. MORRICONE, F. MUNARI, University of Bologna, R. ORIANI, Luiss Guido Carli. IPO Performance and Strategic Management of IPRs: Evidence from the US Semiconductor Industry (discuss: F. VALENTIN)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session B.2
Room: Grande
Chair: Bruno VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruegel

Finance and IPR

  • C. ODASSO, E. UGHETTO, Politecnico di Torino. Patent Backed Securities In Pharmaceuticals: What Determines Success or Failure? (discuss: I. LEONE)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • M.I. LEONE, R. ORIANI, LUISS Guido Carli. Licensing as a source of financing (discuss: R. SVENSSON) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • P. NORBACK, L. PERSSON, R. SVENSSON, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN). Creative Destruction and Productive Pre-emption: Innovation for Sale and Entry (discuss: E. UGHETTO)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session B.3
Room: 2
Chair: Nikolaus THUMM, EPO

Economic models of growth and IPR

  • J. F. BERNAL URIBE, Toulouse School of Economics. Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and Population (discuss: L. MAGAZZINI)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • C. KIEDAISCH, Toulouse School of Economics. Patents in a Model of Growth with Persistent Leadership (discuss: J. F. BERNAL URIBE)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • F. PAMMOLLI, IMT Lucca Institute of Advanced Studies, L. MAGAZZINI, University of Verona, M. RICCABONI, University of Trento. R&D Productivity, Spillovers, and Effective Patent Life (discuss: C. KIEDAISCH) 
    Download paper (pdf)

Session B.4
Room: Fumagalli
Chair: Lee DAVIS, CBS

The determinants of patent activity

  • R. FONTANA, University of Pavia, A. NUVOLARI, LEM Sant’Anna School of Advances Studies, H. SHIMITZU, Hitotsubashi University , A. VEZZULLI, University of Bologna. The determinants of patenting activities. Evidence from a Data-Set of R&D Awards, 1976-2005. (discuss: G. DE RASSENFOSSE)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • G. DE RASSENFOSSE, ULB, B. VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruegel. On the Price Elasticity of Demand For Patents (discuss: L. TOSCHI)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • E. FORTI, L. TOSCHI. University of Bologna., Patents and Trademarks as Measures of Exploration and Exploitation Strategy: The Case of CVC Investments (discuss: A. VEZZULLI) 
    Download paper (pdf)


Coffee Break

Room: Prodi


Chair: Maurizio SOBRERO University of Bologna

Law and economics of equitable licensing and open source

Maria Lillà MONTAGNANI, Bocconi University, Italy, Open source software, patents and royalty-free licensing
Download paper (pdf)

Geertrui VAN OVERWALLE, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Medical biotechnology, patents and equitable licensing

Christine GODT, University of Bremen, Equitable licensing and the role of universities

Dominique FORAY, EPFL, Switzerland, An economic perspective on humanitarian licensing
Download paper (pdf)




Conference Dinner


Room: Prodi


Chair: Alfonso GAMBARDELLA, Bocconi University

Panel session on Raising the bar - how and how far? (Efficiency, Quality and Stakeholder Incentives in the European Patent System)

Alison Brimelow, President EPO
Download paper (pdf)

Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

Reinhilde VEUGELERS, K.U. Leuven, Belgium


Coffee break



Session C.1
Room: Grande
Chair: Dominique FORAY, EPFL

Academic research and IPR

  • C. HELMERS, Wolfson College M. ROGERS, Harris Manchester College. The Impact of University Research on Corporate Patenting(discuss: J. RAFFO)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • R. FINI, University of Bologna, N. LACETERA, S. SHANE, Case Western Reserve University. Inside or Outside the IP-System. Business Creation in Academia (discuss: C. HELMERS) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • D. FORAY, EPFL, J. RAFFO, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. A Small Explosion: Patent in Educational and Instructional Technologies And Knowledge; What do They Tell Us? (R. FINI)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session C.2
Room: 2
Chair: Bruno CASSIMAN, IESE Business School

Law and economics of IPR

  • R.B. BAKELS, IGIR, Maastricht University. The Subject-Matter Test in Patent Law – 1 Another Reason For 2 Economist-Lawyer Cooperation? (discuss: N. SEARLE)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • R. CASTRO BERNIERI, University of Bologna. Ex Post Liability Rules and Patent Infringement: A Comparative Law and Economics View (discuss: R. BAKELS) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • N. SEARLE, University of St Andrews. Calculating Loss Estimates: Valuation and Damages Estimates of Trade Secrets in Economic Espionage Act Prosecutions (discuss: R. CASTRO BERNIERI)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session C.3
Room: Fumagalli
Chair: Iain COCKBURN, Boston University

Strategic patenting, patent quality and litigation

  • T. FISCHER, J. HENKEL, Technische Universität München. Patent Trolls on Markets for Technology – An Empirical Analysis of Trolls’ Patent Acquisitions (discuss: G. THOMA)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • B. HALL, University of California at Berkeley, G.THOMA, University of Camerino, S. TORRISI, University of Bologna. Financial Patenting In Europe (discuss: C. SCHNEIDER) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • C. SCHNEIDER, Copenhagen Business School. Competition in Global Plant Biotechnologies: Evidence from Patent Oppositions (discuss: T. FISHER)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session C.4  
Room: Prodi
Chair: Bronwyn HALL, University of California at Berkeley

The value of inventions and patent premium

  • P.H. JENSEN, R. THOMSON. J. YONG, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia. Estimating the Patent Premium: Evidence from the Australian Inventor Survey (disc. M. WARD)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • L.N. DAVIS, Copenhagen Business School, J. DAVIS, Dalhousie University, K. HOISL, University of Munich. How Does Leisure Time Invention Affect Patent Value? (discuss, P. JENSEN)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • D. PATEL, University of Kentucky, M. WARD, University of Texas at Arlington. Empirical Tests for Creative Destruction in the Pharmaceutical Industry (discuss: L.N. DAVIS) 
    Download paper (pdf)





Session D.1
Room: Fumagalli
Chair: Morris TEUBAL, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Institutional changes, IPR and technology transfer

  • B. VAN LOOY, M. DU PLESSIS, M. MEYER, K. DEBACKERE, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. The Impact of Legislative Framework Conditions on the Entrepreneurial Activities of Universities: An Empirical Assessment (EU-15) (discuss: B. VAN POTTELSBERGHE)
  • B. VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruegel, J. DANGUY, Université Libre de Bruxelles. Costs‐Benefits Analysis of the Community Patent (discuss: A. VEZZULLI) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • M. MEJER, Université Libre de Bruxelles – ECARES, B. VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brugel. Economic Incongruities in the European Patent System (discuss: B. VAN LOOY)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session D.2
Room: 2
Chair: Elisabeth WEBSTER, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia

Creating economic value through IPR use and trade

  • F. MUNARI, S. SANTONI, University of Bologna. Exploiting Complementarities in IPR Mechanisms: The Joint Use of Patents, Trademarks and Designs by SMEs (discuss: P. N. LYARSKAYA)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • N. LYARSKAYA, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense. Design of Technology Licensing Agreements: New Empirical Evidences  (discuss: A. ROSLI) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • B. ANDERSEN, A. ROSLI, University of London, Birkbeck College. Financial Benefits, Reputation and Positioning in the Patent Market Place: Economic Incentives and Obstacles in the Patent Governance of UK Software Firms (discuss: S. SANTONI)
    Download paper (pdf)

Session D.3
Room: Grande
Chair: Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Patenting strategies and the efficiency of the patent system

  • G. DE RASSENFOSSE, Université Libre de Bruxelles, D. GUELLEC, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Quality vs. Quantity: Strategic Interactions and the Patent Inflation (discuss: X. ZHANG) 
    Download paper (pdf)
  • Y. NAKATA Doshisha University, X. ZHANG, Okayama University. Patent filing strategy in Japanese Electrical and Electronic Sectors: A Survival Analysis on Japanese Patent Examination Request System (discuss: H. MOIR)
    Download paper (pdf)
  • H. MOIR, Regulatory Institutions Network, The Australian National University. How High is The Inventive Step? Some Empirical Evidence (discuss: G. DE RASSENFOSSE) 
    Download paper (pdf)


Coffee break

Room Prodi


Chair: Enrico SANTARELLI University of Bologna

Plenary on the value of inventions, patent premium and the market for IPR

Bronwyn H. HALL, University of California at Berkeley and University of Maastricht, The Use and Value of Patents
Download paper (pdf)

Dietmar HARHOFF, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany , Patent value and patent rating

Nikolaus THUMM, Chief Economist, EPO, The value of uncertainty
Download paper (pdf)

Dominique Deberdt, Chief economist INPI (Institut national de la Propriété Industrielle), France, The value of patents, emerging IPR markets and new business models
Download paper (pdf)


Concluding comments